The Twins

The TwinsThe Twins
The Twins
The Twins
The Twins
The Twins
The Twins

The inspiration for The Twins began with a tiny marble statue, dating from 5,800 BC. It shows two figures who share a single lower body and was discovered at Catal Huyuk in Anatolia. It’s one of several two-headed or double bodied sculptures from the same part of the world. There appearance as part bird and part human is based on images of Vulture-Priests also discovered at Catal Huyuk.


The Twins are approximately 5 inches (12½cm) tall and weigh approximately 500g.

Your Twins is one of 280 and comes with it's own certificate of authenticity.


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+£4.50 postage (UK)
+£14.50 postage to Europe
+£24.50 postage to America and ROW

Each The Twins is made to order, so please allow two weeks for delivery in the UK.
For postage outside the UK, please use our postage enquiry form.

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