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Brother Web has truly done dread Cthulhu the justice due to him. His blasphemous winged effigy is richly reminiscent of the work of the great Richard Upton Pickman himself, and redolent of lost civilizations, nameless rites and worlds anterior. He occupies pride of place at the left-hand of the goddess on my altar here in the Cathar fortress of Montsegur. Live long and prosper, Frater Web, may your hand never falter.

Richard Stanley


I am absolutely delighted with my Herne! The detail in this piece is really lovely with oak clusters, ivy leaves and beautifully flowing hair. Herne looks suitably wild and unfathomable, yet serene in the fullness of his nature. My compliments to Web for a job well done in capturing the essence of this sylvan god.

R. Navarro


On unwrapping my sculpture of the Egyptian Cthulhu I was greeted with the mystic vapours of his concentrated resinous evil. I had not laid eyes on him yet but my senses were filled with his essence. I felt, for a moment, as though I was unveiling the real McCoy and possible releasing a great evil on the world.

This rendition of Cthulhu is so truthful to the mood and air of the dark fiction he emanates from that you will be hard pressed to find anything that feels so ‘real’. Its presentation as an effigy, with replicated archaeological distress, really sells it as a genuine article. This is an excellent piece of sculpture.
No Cthulhu Gamer or Lovecraft fan should be without this effigy on their mantelpiece or bookcase! Be warned: His tentacles do follow you around the room a bit.

Dave Mooney.



This Cthulhu idol is different than most I've seen. Far more anthropomorphic than usual. Instead of a beast, Dread Cthulhu appears more like a man... or perhaps an Emerald Pharaoh! To be sure, there is an alien quality, but also something unsettlingly human.

The statue has the feel of an ancient relic, excavated near the Giza Pyramid. I shall be using this likeness in my magical work. Highly recommended.

Ia Ia Cthulhu fhtagn,

Venger As'Nas Satanis

Cult of Cthulhu High Priest




I must say I am definitely more than impressed and absolutely spellbound by my Cthulhu sculpture. The artistry of Cobweb's work is brilliant. I love the attention to detail that brings to life the look and feel of an ancient relic found in this piece. 

Bravo, Mr Webb. I will be purchasing more of your work.

 Angelique Arcana aka 

Angel the Devil Girl


Pazuzu the king of the demons of the wind stands aloft in my living room, it is so fine a piece of sculpture that one would think I stole it from the Louvre Museum.

Dave O'Brien


This piece resonates with energy that is so very old

Well, not only am I pleased with the fine quality of this piece - Twins.  I am impressed by the careful attention to the way I received the sculpture. Care and attention all the way.

Fine craftsmanship..a rare quality in the production of art in this field.

Nat Clegg - Zophiel Ltd


Once were heathen gods, once was Herne. Asleep now, tranquil and dreaming of days long gone: his leafy world of shady greens no more. Lament the Gods of Old, I know I do. 

Superb rendering of The Hunter, terrific detail. Spot on. Totally happy with the purchase. Thanks for your vision!

 Bruno Rutten



Having taken delivery of my Cthulhu idol yesterday I can confirm it has a most disturbing and powerful presence. Master Web must surely be in possession of the original, whose ancient malevolence rubs off onto all his re-creations. Thank goodness he is limiting himself to only so many, as I fear for the sanctity of his soul. 


I would advise those not familiar with the arcane against staring too long into any of his five alien, unblinking eyes – discovering the dark memories and malign intent behind them may lead to unspeakable nightmares and a lifetime of insanity and servitude.

Ben Drakes


Venus has arrived! So beautiful and powerful. I shall really enjoy having her in my life.

Chris Harris


I have the Syro-Hittite Cthulhu and Shub Niggurath.  Both sculptures are beautifully presented and evoke a great feeling of disquieting antiquity.  Quality plus!

Joe Broers


Try to find a sculpture of Pazuzu when you are looking for it!  Few of them have been made till so far.  This Pazuzu is beautifully made.  The rough shapes and the  rusty colours, they  make him extra frightening.  Evil to ward of Evil.

 Bas Van der Berg













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