Eolith: from the Greek eos, meaning dawn, and lithos, meaning stone.


Eolith Designs' sculptures take their inspiration from the dawn and dusk of civilisations; from real and imagined histories, and the world of myth and legend. Bringing together things that were, things that could have been, and things that may be.


Each Sculpture is a unique work of art created by the artist.  The processes involved in casting and finishing ensure that no two will ever be identical. Each design is also strictly limited and each sculpture comes with it's own certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by the artist. The collection will change and grow as new designs emerge and others are lost to history.


The term eolith was coined by Archaeologists in the 1890's to describe what they believed to be the first stone artefacts made by mankind. The first collection of eoliths was made by an amateur archaeologist in Kent in 1885. Soon there were further finds in the South of England and in Europe. For a while they were thought to be proof of human habitation at a time before the oldest known fossils had been formed. Their existence helped lend credence to the “discovery” of Piltdown Man, perhaps the greatest archaeological hoax of all time.



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