Syro-Hittite Cthulhu

Syro-Hittite CthulhuSyro-Hittite Cthulhu
Syro-Hittite Cthulhu
Syro-Hittite Cthulhu
Syro-Hittite Cthulhu
Syro-Hittite Cthulhu
Syro-Hittite Cthulhu

Following the collapse of the Hittite Empire around 1180 BC strange new religions emerged amongst The People of a Thousand Gods. 


Kutullu appears to have been worshipped as an aspect of Illuyankas the great sea dragon. Few inscriptions remain and little is known of his cult. This statue hastily buried by priests before his temple fell to invaders is the only known image of the deity.

Cthulhu is approximately 9 inches (22.5cm) tall, including his base, and weighs approximately 330g.


Your Syro-Hittite Cthulhu is one of 616 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Cumbrian Cthulhu


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