Swimming Reindeer

Swimming ReindeerSwimming Reindeer
Swimming Reindeer
Swimming Reindeer
Swimming Reindeer
Swimming Reindeer
Swimming Reindeer

The Swimming Reindeer was discovered in 1866 by Peccadeau de l’Isle while overseeing the construction of a railway line at Montastruc in southwestern France. It was carved from the tip of a mammoth tusk around 13,000 years ago and was discovered in two pieces. It wasn’t until 1905 that it was realised the two reindeer were part of one sculpture and were finally reunited.

My tribute to The Swimming Reindeer was originally created for the British Museum exhibition, Ice Age Art: arrival of the modern mind.

The Swimming Reindeer are approximately 9 inches (22.5cm) long and weigh approximately 600g.



Your Swimming Reindeer is one of 457 and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

The British Museum




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Each Swimming Reindeer is made to order, so please allow two weeks for delivery in the UK.
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