Black Madonna

Black MadonnaBlack Madonna
Black Madonna
Black Madonna
Black Madonna
Black Madonna
Black Madonna

Images of the Black Madonna became popular in Europe in Medieval times. Their origins are often shrouded in myth and mystery, and they are usually associated with miraculous events.

Their intentionally dark colouring may simply be intended to give a more accurate representation of a Middle Eastern woman, but there are many more esoteric explanations.  The popularity of the image has been linked to the writings of Bernard of Clairvaux, the Knights Templar, various Gnostic groups, and the Cathars.

It is possible that the ideas associated with the Black Madonna are even more ancient and they can be traced back to various Pagan goddesses. Her dark colour may be an echo of prehistoric sculptures carved from black meteorite.  


The Black Madonna is approximately 10½ inches (27cm) tall and weighs approximately 1.4 kg.

Your Black Madonna is one of 488 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.




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